If you can’t beat it, dance with it

Fred AstaireMicrosoft’s VIBE team has developed StepUI, a tool that allows you to use an off the shelf electronic dance mat to read and flag your email, and literally stamp out all that SPAM!

Kudos to Microsoft for funding such open-minded research, but I don’t fancy taking work into the gym with me. How about the reverse: work out at the office using StepUI and pretend I’m working. Remind me to get a 42-inch flat screen display for my office wall (see Microsoft’s picture).

As you can guess I don’t think this is the answer to email overload, as it does not address any of the fundamental causes. However, I can see how it could improve the quality of life for all those chronic sufferers :-)


7 responses to “If you can’t beat it, dance with it

  1. Kudos to your advice and your site. Reminds me very much of the David Allen books.

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  3. It’s nice to see improvements on email overloads. I have a university email address which comes with a spam and fraud blocker, but sometimes it blocks things that are not spam and/or fraud. I do agree with you that this will not be the absolute solution to email overload, but baby steps are always a good thing as long as they are in the right direction.

  4. greenlightsabers

    Now all I need is the screen!

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  6. At least you can get healthy while getting rid of spam.

  7. At least you get to wear clogs!

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