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Outlook Tip: Display your folders in non-alphabetical order

The Outlook folders tree shows folders in alphabetical order only. In order to display them in a different order, you can use either of the following methods:

  • Promote a specific folder to the top of the list
    If you want a specific folder to appear before the others, rename it with a punctuation mark at the beginning of its name. For instance, if you want the “Pending” folder to appear first, rename it “!Pending” or “_Pending”.
  • Define the position of each folder in the list
    If you want to define the position of each folder, just prefix each folder name with a number, for example:

If you use SpeedFiler to file your messages, you do not have to type the numbers, as SpeedFiler looks for matches anywhere in a folder name, not just the beginning. So if you want to file an item in “1 Rejected”, just open the File In Folder window and start typing the word “rejected” until you see “1 Rejected” in the list of matching folders.


The Grand Unified Theory of Everything: Search vs. Filing vs. Tagging

395972_old_tag_1.jpgThe following joke is as politically incorrect as they come, but I need to quote it in order demonstrate my point (I apologize in advance):

Five Jews changed the way we look at things:

  • Moses: The Law is everything
  • Jesus: Love is everything
  • Marx: Money is everything
  • Freud: Sex is everything
  • Then came Einstein: Everything is relative

That’s as far as the old joke goes. But, when it comes to the Filing vs. Searching debate, Google would add:

  • Google: Search is everything

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