Who Is Itzy Sabo?

itzy_sabo.jpgI am a seasoned hi-tech manager with 15 years experience in developing and managing a diverse range of software products. As an executive in the fast paced technology industry, I have had to learn how to deal with email overload (over 150 work-related messages per day) and the extreme challenges posed by a dynamic and rapidly changing work environment. Since I started focusing on improving my performance, I have more than doubled my productivity, improved my focus, and significantly decreased my stress levels, both at work and at home.

I believe in finding simple solutions to complex problems, and am currently focusing on finding workable solutions for email overload. I recently founded Claritude Software, and we’ve just released our first product, SpeedFiler, which makes it easy to to file your messages and keep your inbox free of clutter.

You can email me at: isabo@claritude.com


3 responses to “Who Is Itzy Sabo?

  1. Itzy: I teach management courses and, whenever I give the Time Management course, the subject of email overload ALWAYS comes up. I decided to see if anyone had any ideas on the web and came across your blog. I got some great ideas that I’d like to pass along to my trainees. Do I have your permission to do so (giving you full credit of course)?

  2. Sure – go right ahead!

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